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  • Recouped  on 2nd cycle and has made strong profit over 2 years

  • 3 tour cycles to date over 2 years

  • Played over 120 cities

  • Average playing capacity 65-68% GBO

  • 4th tour cylce planned for 2016


The US National Touring production opened in 2013, and has played for just over 2 years, for 3 full cycles, playing to over 120 cities.   The US Tour recouped and went into profit in its 2nd cycle and the 3rd cyle made a healthy profit.   There was a "situation" where some B'way producers failed to pony up $1.2m at the start of the tour, and had this not had to be made up, Networks tell me it would have recouped in its first cycle.


For the 3rd cycle the tour was cut down from a 6 truck to a 3 truck tour.  It is planned that a 4th cycle of 20 weeks will go out next year.   Their average box office percnetage was 65-68% of gross box office, making it a solid touring success.  Whilst not in the league of Wicked or Phantom, the US Tour has performed extremely well for the US touring producers Networks.   Interestingly, when the tour re-visited certain cities, it performed even stronger than on their first visits, suggesting that the word of mouth is particuarly strong for this title.



  • Just finished a 2 year run in 3 Swedish cities

  • Played to 180,000 people over 160 perofrmances

  • Most successful Swedish production since Mamma Mia!


Playing for 2 seasons in Stockholm, each perofrmance sold out, then touring to Gothenburg and Malmo, the Swedish production was one of the most successful musicals in recent Swedish theatre history, performing to numbers that haven't been seen since the original Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia!.   The production recouped and has made huge profits for the local producers.  It out-sold the Swedish production of Dirty Dancing!




  • UK Tour 2008-2009 was apparently moderately successful but show didn't live up to expectations

  • London proudction was the only finacnailly unsuccessful production for the title to date - running just 3 months


Following a moderatley successful UK Tour in 2008, the show was re-worked for London but only had a short lived 3 month run.  The Authors expanded on their characters and the plot and took in a direction away form the film, making it a much darker piece than the film.   Essentially - it didn't give the audience what it expected - the film on stage.  Having met with Tom Hedley (the Author) it is clear that they have learnt from that mistake and all productions after London removed the elements that made it such a dark experience.  


Productions post London have all been revised to get the plot closer to the film's. 


To date - from all the information I've compiled, the London production is the only production of Flashdance that has not made money.




  • Just finished a 7 month sold out run in Paris

  • About to go on a 50 week tour of France


Playing for 7 months in Paris to sold out audiences, making it one of the longest running musicals to play Paris.  The success of the Pairisan production has led to it being booked for a 50 week tour of France next season.



The title has been very successful throughout Europe with several productions having played in Italy, Germany, and other European countries.   It has apparently done very well in all of these markets.



Here follows a summary of the various major productions to date, and their varying degrees of success.

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