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“It’s an absorbing, very funny, very theatrical production.”

Time Out, Melbourne 2013


“The octogenarian narrator (is portrayed as) a roguish larrikin. It's a truly captivating performance, with just a hint of menace beneath the charisma. While Murdoch touts his ruthlessness with pride, it's not until the play's final moments that the façade falls down and we glimpse the kind of tyranny necessary to build an empire that expansive.”

The Age, Melbourne 2013


“A show that the politically minded do not want to miss. A spirited romp… the show entertains as much as it terrifies with its bubbling combination of myth and reality.”

MD Theatre Guide, Washington, March 2014 


“There's a real deftness, in Williamson's portrayal of familiar characters, which is brilliantly capitalised upon by the cast and director Lee Lewis…. delightfully funny… Watching (actor) HaiHa Le switch between Wendy Deng and Rebekah Brooks in the flash of a red wig is key part of this show's impish and considerable charms.”

The Australian, 2013


“David Williamson’s play about the rise of an Australian media proprietor has opened in Washington to standing ovations”

The Australian, March 2014


“Tackling a subject as complex and powerful as Murdoch is risky. There are not many people in business, politics or the media who don’t fear him, or, at a minimum, respect his power. It seems to me Williamson has been tactical in his approach to his topic. There is no judgment of Murdoch (or any of his actions); it is merely an account of what has happened during his life, as told by the man himself. It falls to us to decide… Williamson has managed to be simultaneously respectful and iconoclastic. While I watched the show, the thought occurred that Murdoch himself might enjoy it immensely.”

The Monthly, Washington, March 2014


“Rupert is a gas… a lot of fun.”

Poynter, Washington, March 2014


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